I really hate the fact that we as humans crave things. I really really do.  Continue reading



If I could choose a superpower, it would be the ability to always be able to avoid storms. This prompt couldn’t have come at a more perfect time because I actually managed to completely avoid a huge storm today; I was so desperate to do laundry that I checked my weather app and decided to deny the fact that I saw the lightning symbol and forged ahead to my former dorm to sneak in and continue to take advantage of their free laundry machines (God bless my school for that). As I was walking, I felt a few rain drops, but not much more, so I kept on walking, thinking that perhaps the weather app was wrong yet again and that there would be no storm after all. A few minutes pass, I walk down to the laundry room, and then suddenly… BOOM. The first crash of thunder shakes the dorm building, and I can hear the attack of vicious raindrops against the thick brick walls. Continue reading