Hey, world. You’re pretty massive.

No, not like that. I mean, as a whole, this earth planet thing we live on is fairly sizable. Think about it — and see if your brain starts to hurt. What did it take, four, five seconds? No worries, it takes me about two. 

Sometimes it’s easy to forget just the scale of the world because we like to break things down so much. So when I talk about the world, I’ll narrow it down by quite a lot by discussing just people and society. Specific, right?

I was talking with my mother yesterday about what I want to do with my life, which is kind of a massive thing in itself (as long as I stay healthy and don’t run into any especially bad luck), and I realized halfway through our conversation that I had been talking about the world as if it were this incredibly accessible, tiny place. Now, I don’t consider myself to be incredibly wealthy so I wasn’t saying “Ah, well, I was thinking about flying out to Cancun for a weekend before relaxing in Dubai for a year or so.” I wish. But no.

I told her that I plan to work in NYC (where I currently live) for a year, then as soon as the lease is up, I will gather whatever funds I’ve saved up, hope it’s enough for a one-way plane ticket to Korea, then work there for a year or so, living with family to save even more money, then seeing if I have money for a one-way plane ticket to London after that to see if I can find work there.

It’s part of a little rebellious streak (that’s lasted about… my entire life) I’m having at the moment because I am so tired of people telling me how to hit the fast track for my career. What fast track? I’m trying to be a writer. We know from the get-go that our lives will be a slow, arduous process of constantly trying and most often failing to have our work recognized and (maybe!!) published. Any fast track I take will feel like cheating, and if I feel like I’ve cheated through life, not only would I consider myself a terrible writer thereafter; I would be personally ashamed of myself.

Don’t get me wrong: if I somehow go through with this and make it to both Korea and London for a time in my life, I will not be complaining about how arduous my life is. I will be living my life to the fullest, and attempting to discover for myself just how very massive this world really is.

All I know now is that the world looks small from a 13″ screen telling me that all I need to go halfway around the world is a shit ton of cash, and I’m hoping that will change when I start really living in these new places and see for myself how massive this world is. A picture is worth a thousand words but nothing can replace an experience.


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