Eat, Drink, and Be Merry…

…for tomorrow we die. The world is ending tomorrow! Tell us about your last dinner — the food, your dining companions, the setting, the conversation.

I’ve gotta say, I was a little shocked when I first read this prompt. Maybe it was the finality of that statement “for tomorrow we die.”

My last dinner was also the first dinner I had while working for a local Thai restaurant. Since I have no restaurant experience whatsoever, I started out by busing tables. To be honest, it was much more moving around than I had ever imagined, and my feet are more sore than they were after working for two of my uncles doing manual labor. That being said, I had a lot of fun, and my co-workers are some of the most genuinely friendly and caring people. At some point, one of the waitresses saw that my feet had blisters (I hadn’t even noticed) from my flats, and instantly dragged me to the kitchen and grabbed band-aids. Safe to say I’ve learned my lesson, and I will buying a new pair of more comfortable shoes later today.

After working for four or five hours (the place was packed because of a college reunion going on in town), my co-workers kept telling me to go take a break, so I finally retreated back into the kitchen and grabbed spoonfuls of a few dishes of various kinds of chicken, beef, and fried rice. I ate while filling out my favorite kind of paperwork – taxes – and joking around with one of the managers.

It’s funny. When I first applied for the job, one of the things I joked around about looking forward to was getting to eat free Thai food all the time (before I started working I was one of their regular customers), but now that I’ve actually started working, it’s such a small part of the day. I’m going back to work today, and what I’m really looking forward to is not the food but the people (the food really is good though).

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