Autumn Leaves

Changing colors, dropping temperatures, pumpkin spice lattes: do these mainstays of Fall fill your heart with warmth — or with dread?

This prompt is reminding me of my philosophy class, and how we’re learning about the difference between feel-good happiness and ultimate happiness. This statement is reminding me that I should get a life outside of my schoolwork.

But going back to the happiness thing, essentially what that’s saying is that ultimate happiness can be felt even through temporary woes and mistakes because you are living a virtuous life to the best of your abilities. It’s the same with autumn. Autumn is like the ultimate happiness, and each day, each hour, or even each minute are the temporary highs and lows that come in life. There are so many things I love about this season, but the dread is there too (albeit in a very small dosage). 

With autumn comes three things in my life: school, NaNoWriMo, and much less stress about my wardrobe options.

School’s an easy one to explain; there are obviously many highs and lows in school since it’s such a general topic. This year, though, it’s gonna be all highs. I’m probably just saying that because I haven’t been back long enough. See, I’m already a mix of optimism and dread. I’m confused; let’s move on.

NaNoWriMo. Considering I’ve never actually finished those damn 50,000 words, this shouldn’t actually be an important part of my autumns, but I’ll keep pretending it is. It’s the one time of the year where some outside force is motivating me to write a long story, and even though November is always the busiest month of my year, I find time to do what I love to do best. Goal for this year: think of a story idea in time. Clearly, I am already super motivated.

My wardrobe is last on my list because it’s always last on my list. I’m realizing that I’m becoming less colorblind and more fashion-savvy than I’ve been my whole life, but that’s really not saying much. Autumn is my favorite fashion season because LAYERS LAYERS LAYERS. It’s not to the point where I need to bury myself in winter coats, but I can pull out that hoodie and not spend half of my energy sucking my breath in when I sit down. I also have a love for boots that I cannot express during the summer months since I’m not a masochist. Goodbye, blister-inducing flip-flops and sandals; hello, somewhat fashionable boots that make me feel like I’m walking on clouds.


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