The Mirror Crack’d

You wake up one morning to a world without mirrors. How does your life — from your everyday routines to your perception of yourself — change?

An idealist may think that the world would be a better place without those darn mirrors. No more checking yourself in the mirror every second? It might be difficult for some, but for the others waiting on those mirror-checkers might appreciate that little change more.

So how would my everyday routine change? For the worse, I’m afraid. Speaking in general here, looking in mirrors is about keeping up a certain self-image. Just because those pesky little squares of glass are gone, it doesn’t make the problem go away. All of a sudden, we can’t rely on our own sight to fix our hair or wipe away smudging makeup, so we begin to rely on other people. Crap. With this culture of constantly telling people what they want to hear instead of the truth, there will certainly be some trust issues going around. 

There’s also this issue I’m having with selfies. For the moment, I’ll consider taking a selfie with the camera facing your face to be looking into a sort of mirror. So basically we’ll all just start taking the old fashioned kind of selfies all the time. Like, thousands and thousands of selfies. Oh god, maybe I prefer the whole trust issue thing.

4 thoughts on “The Mirror Crack’d

  1. I guess life would get much complicated for some of us ladies who value mirrors to check ourselves out before going anywhere. On the other hand, not having the mirrors would give us more attention to whatever we put on or how we comb our hair. That means, a lot more time would be required to ensure that all is to perfection or the engagement of a colleague or sister to be your mirror.
    As for driving, it means one has to keep straight in the driving lane without overtaking. If you try overtaking, you might end up hitting another vehicle that was also trying to do the same from behind you. Mirrors, Mirrors, Mirrors, how some of us value them! it is important to have them.


  2. Driving could be a bit more dangerous. Shaving problematic. And does this count all reflections or just mirrors? Because that is a few more issues. It’d be like being vampire.


    • I hadn’t thought about driving! Or shaving either, though I wouldn’t need to worry about it if there really were no reflections since I don’t shave my face. If I did, though, I’d probably look like a vampire too with all the blood running down my face 😛


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