Why, Thank You?

What’s the best (or rather, worst) backhanded compliment you’ve ever received? If you can’t think of any — when’s the last time someone paid you a compliment you didn’t actually deserve?

Growing up, I always thought my family was pretty humorless. Turns out, my mom’s just not particularly good with comedic timing and all of my dad’s jokes were too sophisticated or inappropriate for me as a kid. It was a pretty significant transformation when I went into college; even though my brother’s still in high school, the jokes in the family have escalated quite a bit, and one thing in particularly we all love to do is to doll out those backhanded compliments.

None of them are necessarily the best, but they’re just constant. It’s easier to give backhanded compliments to family members since we all know each other better than anyone else. 


Siena: *makes dumb math mistake*

Bro: “Good thing you’re good at writing.”


Bro: “I’m nervous about this interview; I’m supposed to seem confident. What if I don’t seem confident?”

Siena: “That’ll be the least of your worries. Trust me, you’ll be just fine.”


Dad: “Go to bed.”

Siena: “Can’t, I’m writing.”

Dad: “I’m glad you’re so dedicated to your blog.”

~30 minutes later~

Dad: “Go to bed.”


This is not how my family members really speak, but it’s just to give you an idea of what goes on (Although that last scenario was pretty accurate. It’s hard not to commit to memory after having repeated it so many times… Sorry dad).

Also, I guess I have the picture.


Siena: *eats an entire cake*

Friend: “That’s some dedication right there. But seriously what the fuck.”

Siena: *stares until friend stops judging*


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