Not Lemonade

When life gives you lemons… make something else. Tell us about a time you used an object or resolved a tricky situation in an unorthodox way.

So I am incredibly exhausted after a long day of working in the pool and then swimming around in a lake. To go along with the theme of my day and this late daily prompt, I’ll tell you guys a true work story (I am much to tired too make something up).

When I was first starting out as a swim instructor, handling six to eight children in a class was truly daunting. It only took one screamer or crier to make my day that much more difficult, and I remember my very first class on my own had three screamers. Fun fun fun.

One day, I was teaching an eels class, which is essentially three- to five-year-olds in the big pool who can swim by themselves with a barbell. None of them were happy to be there, which thrilled me, as I’m sure you’ve guessed. There were no screamers, just terrified little children reaching their tiny fingers toward Mommy or Daddy. It made me feel like the evil villain taking them away from their parents, so I decided to be nice and give them all life jackets. Today was going to be all about learning safety. Easy stuff. 

This did not appease the unhappy children. They continued to cry or frown wide-eyed the entire time, asking every two minutes when it was time to get out. One girl in particular was more vocal about this, and asked to go to Mommy and Daddy constantly. When that half hour was up, I was just as happy as the kids were. They all tore off those life jackets and sprinted towards the bleachers.

The one little girl who had been so eager to get back was still by the side of the pool, though. I got out of the pool and tried to coax her over to the bleachers, but her mind was somewhere else entirely. So I decided to solve this odd situation in an unorthodox way (possibly because I was feeling very sassy at that point). I squatted down, looked at the kid, and asked, “Did you have fun today?”

I swear I used a fairly obviously sarcastic voice. I don’t know how she didn’t catch it.

This little girl just looks up and starts nodding. For the first time that day, she smiled wide, and sprinted to the bleachers by herself. I was not expecting that response at all, but hey; problem solved.

Kids are so weird.


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